Cwajga mission

Welcome to CWAJGA. It's a simple Mission. Wear the message.

Put it out there. Artists, travelers, business people, athletes, musicians, adventurers, educators and wise people from all walks of life all over the planet know that we, as human beings, are far better than what is portrayed in the media. It is time to show off what many people deep down already believe, that most people are good and good things happen when we get along, find Common Ground and work together to build upon that. It starts with the simple commonalities. All around the world we share the love of family, good friends, food, music, celebration, cultural exchange, commerce, and learning. And it goes all the way to advances in technology, medicine, and quality of life. It is our intention to weave a fabric of people, cultures, commerce, and lifestyles where suspicion and intolerance give way to a global sense of community and respect for one another so that experiencing life on this extraordinary planet we call earth, tierra, 地球,  terre, أرض, erde, כדור הארץ, jord, bumi, 地球, toprak, maa,  지구, Земля  et al... simply gets better and better.

You are invited to Join us.